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Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage

The Deep tissue massage focuses it's philosophy in physical pain in connection with the soul and spirit.

Reports on the use of Deep Tissue Massage as a therapeutic agent found from the Far East, from ancient Greeks and Egyptians, to India and Thailand.

What Deep tissue massage offers?

The Deep tissue massage is the best treatment option for you if you are looking for:

  • Pain relief
  • Restoration of blood circulation
  • Muscle flexibility

It's important to mention that it is very beneficial in cases of chronic contraction and muscle tension.

Ho to give a Deep tissue massage?

The Deep tissue massage applied to the whole body focusing on the "blocked" points.

The therapist with his fingers clasped, his knotted fist, his elbow and forearm, pushing, which gradually increases, adjusting their operations depending on where he works. All movements are made very slowly.

Often you may notice any pain, either during or after the session. Do not worry. That's normal, is called "therapeutic response" and it stops after 24 hours.

The massage can be done either naked or wearing underwear or a bathing suit, so that no other pressure is applied to your body and be more relaxed.

The massage therapist brings the necessary Deep tissue massage table to you.

What will you need?

For Deep tissue massage you will need a towel lay on the therapist's bed and a cover up towel in order to feel more comfortable and not too cold.

We recommend not to eat anything two hours before, because it is likely to feel some discomfort.

Finally, we suggest you to have a relaxing shower in order to be as receptive as possible and enjoy the maximum beneficial effects of Deep tissue massage.

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