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Ayurvedic massage Mardana

The Ayurvedic massage Mardana has its roots in India and is one of the oldest healing methods along with Hippocrates and the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It focuses on restoring and maintaining your balance in three levels: Physical, psychological and spiritual, and if combined with meditation has even better results.

What Mardana Ayurvedic massage οffers?

The Mardana Ayurvedic massage offers many benefits on many levels simultaneously.

It relieves anxiety and stress of everyday life, restores peace of mind and gives a feeling of satisfaction.

It helps greatly to strengthen the body, and improves the immune, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Soothes aching muscles and gives you wellbeing.

Finally, it helps to burn fat, detoxify the body and makes your skin soft and glowing.

How to give an Ayurvedic massage Mardana?

The Ayurvedic massage Mardana applied to the whole body.

Its intensity varies depending on the needs of your organization. It can be from very calm to very deep.

The therapist uses oils such as sesame oil and almond oil, which allow him to have a smooth flow of movements and simultaneously their aroma calms you down.

The massage can be done either naked or wearing underwear or a bathing suit, so that no other pressure is applied to your body and to be more relaxed. During the session you are covered with a towel, which the healer lifts only at the points he works.

It is a specific bed that brings with him each massage therapist, enabling the body to the correct position in order to enjoy the best results of the technique.

What will you need?;

For Mardana Ayurvedic massage you will need:

  • 2 large towels
  • 1 small towel

One large towel will layer on the bed and the other will be covered.

Try allowing a period of two hours between eating and exercising. If not prefer something light.

ΤFinally, we suggest you take a shower to relax your body in order to be as receptive as possible and enjoy the benefits of Ayurvedic massage Mardana.

Tip: Make a scrub to remove dead cells from your skin and open pores of the skin to receive the therapist's oils. 

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