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Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage is one of the oldest methods already applied for 4000 years and it is ideal to introduce yourself in the world of massage, if you have no previous experience.

What offers relaxing massage?

The relaxing massage acts on two levels: body and spirit. It operates beneficial and gives you a sense of calm, serenity and relief.

Relieves intense stress and fatigue of everyday life, relaxes the muscles and unblock the trapped energy.

After the session you will feel lighter and completely refreshed, not only physically but spiritually too.

How it is done?

Relaxing massage treatment

The massage therapist brings the necessary massage table to you, enabling the body to stand correctly to enjoy to the maximum the effects of the beneficial action of this technique.

The therapist exerts gentle pressure with the fingers, palms and forearms in the area of the body that implements the technique. Furthermore, oil application such as almond oil and peanut oil, allowing him to make smooth, slow, continuous and rhythmic movements, while the aroma reduce anxiety and induce relaxation.

On the application of relaxing massage, the body should be either naked or wearing only underwear or a bathing suit. Of course, in each case you are covered with a towel in order to feel comfortable and the therapist lifts the towel only to body parts where massage is taking place.

What will you need?

For relaxing massage you will need:

2 large towels

1 small towel

One large towel will lay on the bed and with the other you will be cover up. The small towel is for your head.

From the waist down you can wear whatever you want. It is advisable to choose something comfortable and cotton.

Allow a period of two hours between eating and exercising. If not prefer to eat something light, that you will not swell and do not burden your body.

Finally, we suggest you take a shower to relax your body in order to be as receptive as possible and enjoy the maximum beneficial effect of relaxing massage.

Tip: Make a scrub to remove dead cells from your skin and open pores of the skin to receive the oils to be used by the therapist.

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