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Sports massage

Sports Massage

Sports are a physical activity that stress the body and often are responsible for displaying a range of pathological conditions.

Injuries incurred during workouts and races, reduce your skills and significantly affect psychology and mood, preventing the achievement of high sports performance.

The sports massage contribute to improved training and games results, as it has the ability to unload pressure and refill your tank when your energy levels sputter.

What sports massage offers?

The sports massage benefits body and psychology, and is important to emphasize that it is not only for athletes, but for all of you with muscle problems.

Preventative used to prepare your body and protect it from injury. It improves strength and power, while filling your energy tank.

Increases blood flow to muscles, removes toxins and helps the body to function properly and be vigilant./p>

Significantly affects your nervous system. If you wish to relax nervous system and muscles, choose a slow and "deep" massage. Conversely, if you want to enable select a fast and light massage.

Reduces the muscles grip, making them more flexible and resistant to intense exercise.

How to give a sports massage?

There is a specific bed that brings with him each sports massage therapist, enabling the body to the correct position in order to enjoy the best results of the technique.

In such type of massage oils do not play important role, so the therapist uses the minimal amount.

What matters most is the pressure exerted by the therapist to specific body parts to activate your neuromuscular system or to relax it.

The massage can be done either naked or wearing underwear or a bathing suit, so that no other pressure is applied to your body and be more relaxed.

What will you need?

All you need for a sport massage session at home is three towels, two large and one small.

Tip: Not to have eaten in the last two hours, so that your body is completely relaxed and ready to experience the benefits of sports massage to the greatest possible extent.

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